Alabama Baby Who Was Born Without A Nose Dies At Age 2

Eli Thompson, the Alabama baby who was born without a nose, passed away on Saturday, June 3. Eli had just turned two on March 4.

The boy’s father Jeremy Finch shared the news of the death of the miracle boy born without a nose via a Facebook Post on Sunday, June 4.

Miracle Boy Born Without A Nose Passes Away

Eli was born on March 4, 2015, at South Baldwin Hospital in Foley. However, doctors at the hospital were shocked to see the absence of a nose on the Alabama baby and decided to transfer him to the South Alabama Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

At just five days old, Eli underwent a tracheotomy so that he could breathe without the assistance of external equipment. The Alabama miracle baby boy’s unusual story, along with pictures of his face, circulated throughout the world within days of his birth.

Doctors concluded that the Alabama boy was born with a rare facial anomaly called arhinia, which affects 1 in 197 million births. In fact, there are only 30 recorded cases of arhinia

Eli passed away on June 3 at 10.40 p.m at Springhill Medical Center in Mobile.

Finch shared in an interview that Eli was a very happy child who liked to eat cookies. The two-year-old was also starting speech therapy at home. The miracle boy born without a nose used baby sign language with his favorite being cookie. Elie also liked to give people fist bumps and always had a smile on his face.

A now defunct Facebook page called Eli’s Story chronicled the life of the little boy wonder, through which people around the world would stay updated on his development and growth. At seven months old, Eli met Tessa Evans from Ireland, who was two and a half years-old at the time and was diagnosed with arhinia.

“He touched a lot of people’s lives. A lot of people cared about him,” Finch said after Eli’s passing.

Alabama Miracle Baby’s Funeral Preparations

The Alabama miracle baby’s family created a GoFundMe page where one can contribute toward Eli’s funeral expenses.

“I’m a proud man and I don’t like to ask for anything, but my baby’s funeral expenses are more than we can bear at this time,” Finch wrote on the fundraiser page.

The goal has been set at $12,000 and the Alabama miracle baby’ father promised those pledging support that if the money exceeds the goal, he would donate the excess to charities. At the time of writing, the campaign already surpassed its goal and had raised $16,485 through 372 individual donations.

Those interested in donating can visit the GoFundMe page dedicated to raising money for Eli’s funeral.

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