Nintendo To Make More Switch Units So Everyone Can Get One This Holiday

Nintendo is reportedly boosting Switch production in the face of overwhelming demand expected during the forthcoming holiday season.

The company certainly needs to pump out more Switch units, especially because its marquee Mario title, Super Mario Odyssey, comes out this holiday.

Nintendo Ramping Up Switch Production

Sales-wise, the console performed extremely well upon launch, and even now, there’s an evident shortage of Switch units at retail stores presumably because of overwhelming demand. Reports at that time claimed Nintendo already boosted Switch production, with the company reportedly aiming to make 16 million consoles for this fiscal year alone. Now, Financial Times reports that it’s aiming for 2 million more — bringing total Switch units to 18 million between now and March 2018.

Increased Switch Production A Way To Avoid Customer Tantrums

Nintendo is ramping up Switch production allegedly because of “customer tantrums,” reports say. It’s no secret that the holiday season is a chaotic period for video game sales, especially since it’s usually the time publishers release major titles. For instance, The Last Guardian, Dead Rising 4, Pokémon Sun and Moon, and more were all released during the holiday season.

Financial Times notes that Nintendo has denied plans to boost Switch production to the reported number, sticking to its original plan of making 10 million Switch units for this fiscal year. Analysts, however, believe that the company is intentionally downplaying its real goals, and they even think it’s on its way to producing twice that number.

Nintendo’s continued denial is understandable in an investor’s perspective. Promising to make 18 million Switches means potentially frustrating investors should there either be a manufacturing problem — like, say, not enough LCDs — or a surprise dip in demand.

If, however, the report is on point, then it simply proves Nintendo has a wild hit on its hands. If all 18 million Switch units are sold by 2018, then the console will have already surpassed lifetime sales of the Wii U, which only sold around 14 million units — in a span of five years, for the record. It’s a possible feat, seeing as how GameStop has so far reported strong sales for the Switch, selling out hours after the retail store stocks up on units.

Super Mario Odyssey

One can easily imagine how popular Super Mario Odyssey is poised to become. In fact, the trailer alone has been viewed close to 22 million times on Nintendo’s channel — the company’s second most viewed video to date, just behind the Switch’s reveal video. You can be sure when Nintendo releases that game, there’ll be enough Switch units lying around.

It’s worth noting that Nintendo could possibly ramp up Switch production even further, depending on what it plans to announce at E3 next month. Rumor has it that three new Mario games are on the cards. Couple that with a brand-new Pokémon title, and Nintendo can surely expect overwhelming demand. Time, as always, will tell.

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