Here’s How To Evolve Your Magikarp In The Pokémon Mobile Game ‘Magikarp Jump’

Yes, The Pokémon Company has a new game called MagikarpJump, starring the none-too-beloved Magikarp.

Although Magikarp isn’t exactly the most powerful Pokémon in the mainline games — Splash is its marquee move, in which it, well, splashes — a trainer can evolve it to Gyarados, an intimidating Dragon-type Pokémon. There’s actually a way to do this right in MagikarpJump.

Players, read on. Here’s how to turn your Magikarp into a full-fledged Gyarados, and here’s why you might not want to.

Magikarp Jump: How To Evolve Into A Gyarados

In the game, the player catches a Magikarp and trains them to become the champion jumper of Hoppy town. Getting Magikarp to evolve to a Gyarados is pretty simple. As detailed by the Nostalgic Duo via YouTube, the first step is to tap Magikarp when it’s in the pond — lots of times.

Do that enough and the game will tell you that Magikarp’s Everstone has broken. For the uninitiated, an Everstone, when held by a Pokémon, prevents it from evolving. With it broken, Magikarp has the chance to finally evolve.

The next step is to get Magikarp to level 20. Reach it and you’ll get a prompt that something is happening to your Magikarp. It’ll then evolve into a Gyarados — fangs, scales, and its signature intimidating look included. The evolution itself will complete the “Adios, Gyarados!” event, which comes with 10 diamonds.

The funny — frustrating, actually — thing is there’s no actual way to play with your newly minted Gyarados. After it evolves, Mayor Karp will come by and force you to say goodbye to your dear Pokémon, at which point you’ll have to start from the beginning.

There’s no telling whether a future update will allow players to play with a Gyarados in the competition, but at present time, you can at least try and evolve your Magikarp into a much more powerful beast. It’ll be pretty useless, though.

Magikarp Jump: How To Get A New Magikarp

Once Mayor Karp comes to take your Gyarados, you’ll need a brand-new Magikarp to enter the competition with.

In the early levels, the game only allows players to fish for a new Magikarp when the previous one retires, is killed, or hunted. But as per Serebii, reach rank 20 and you’ll have the option to manually retire your current Magikarp and fish for a new one.

However, the whole fishing process is randomized and automatized, so you’ll get whatever is given to you. Should you want something better, prepare to spend 10 diamonds and try again.

Hopefully the game gets an update in the near future that won’t require the player to bid goodbye to their Gyarados. Also, it’ll be quite fun if you can catch other fish Pokémon — imagine Goldeen, Feebas, or even Sharpedo in there. There’s plenty of room for improvement, and hopefully The Pokémon Company is taking notes.

Thoughts about MagikarpJump? How are you enjoying the game so far? Planning to evolve your Magikarp into Gyarados? Feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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