Overwatch Beginner’s Guide: Here’s What You Need To Know Before You Start On The Popular Multiplayer Shooter

Overwatch recently launched its first Anniversary event, and part of the celebration is a free weekend to invite new players to try the massively popular multiplayer shooter.

Overwatch could be a bit daunting at first as veteran players already have a year of experience under their belt, but this beginner’s guide will equip new players with what they need to know to enjoy and succeed in the game.

The Heroes Of ‘Overwatch’

There are 24 heroes currently available in Overwatch, with each hero coming with unique skills. Players should start by going into Training mode and trying out the different heroes to look for one that they feel comfortable using.

There are four hero types in Overwatch, namely offense, defense, support, and tank. Offense heroes specialize in dealing damage, defense heroes excel in preventing opponents from advancing their attack, support heroes provide healing and bonuses to allies, and tank heroes soak up the damage dealt by enemies to protect their teammates.

Soldier: 76, who the game uses to introduce new players to the controls and mechanics, is a great offense hero for beginners as his abilities resemble the characters of traditional first-person shooters. Bastion, meanwhile, is a good defense hero for beginners as his ability to transform into a high-powered but immobile turret will force new players to learn the details of each map.

For new players looking to play support, Lucio’s simple skills and versatility makes him a great option. Those who would like to play a tank can take a look at Reinhardt, as his massive shield makes him a valuable member of any team.

While these are recommended heroes for beginners, players should definitely try out various characters to find one that best suits their style.

‘Overwatch’ Game Modes

There are currently four game modes in Overwatch, with the mode randomly chosen for players entering the queue to join matches.

The first game mode is Assault, wherein the attacking team attempts to capture a certain point on the map. The defensive team, of course, is tasked with stopping their opponents. There are two capture points in Assault maps.

The second game mode is Escort, wherein the attacking team pushes forward a payload to a delivery point, with a few checkpoints along the way. The defensive team can stop the progress of the payload, and even slowly send it back, by stopping their opponents from pushing it.

The third game mode is Hybrid, which starts off as an Assault match with the attacking team looking to capture a point and then transitioning into an Escort match as they will then need to accompany a payload.

The fourth game mode is Control, wherein opposing teams fight to control an objective in a best-of-three series. Teams can capture the objective by holding control of it for a certain period of time. The team will then see their percentage increase until either the opponent wins it back or it reaches 100 percent.

‘Overwatch’ Tips

The first thing that Overwatch beginners should learn is that, unlike other multiplayer shooters, getting the highest number of kills does not win the match. All the game modes require proper teamwork among allies, which means that constant communication is needed.

While the heroes of Overwatch offer unique skills, success relies more on tactics rather than on these amazing abilities. For example, Soldier: 76 will not help his team if he refuses to charge into enemy lines, and Reinhardt will not serve his purpose if he only uses his shield to protect himself.

Lastly, as with any game, practice is required. This can be done through the Training mode to get a feel for a hero’s skills or through Quick Play matches, which will group players with others who are on the same level. Fortunately, the Overwatch playing experience is fun and fast-paced, which means that new players will improve their skills alongside enjoying the game.

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