Wonder Woman: No Deleted Scenes Means No Extended Cut Like ‘Batman v Superman’ And ‘Suicide Squad’

Warner Bros. and DC haven’t had the best run of luck, with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad getting extended cuts for the home release to make up for the response to the theatrical cuts of the films. It looks like that won’t be happening to Wonder Woman, simply because there are no deleted scenes to extend the film with.

It’s All In The Film

During the press rounds for the upcoming superhero film, Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins told Collider that her entry into the DCEU wouldn’t be getting any kind of extended home release. Jenkins said there were very few changes in the film, and any made were to change the layout of scene, as opposed to tonal or script changes. Everything that is meant to be in the film is in it and there aren’t any deleted scenes.

“I think what you learn is rhythm, tone, humor where the jokes are happening but in our case, I just now can finally say all this. We didn’t cut one scene in this movie nor did we change the order of one scene in this movie from the script that we went in shooting with,” Jenkins said.

This news comes months after rumors started circulating that the latest DC film venture was a mess. This has been a speculation that seems to have followed every DCEU film since 2013’s Man of Steel, with Suicide Squad being the only one to prove the hearsay true, given the stories of multiple edits and the general reaction to the 2016 film.

These rumors hit a chord with Jenkins. She told Collider she was angry about the rumor that Wonder Woman was a mess, “because it was clearly a lie, it was clearly based on someone who had zero experience because there wasn’t anybody that you would be able to find that said that.”

Finally Some Good News

This should come as good news to fans excited for the Amazon princess’ debut on the big screen. One of the biggest complaints levied against Batman v Superman was the odd choice in editing and how the film seemed to jump around randomly. While the home release didn’t remedy all the issues, the ultimate edition did help Warner Bros. gain back some ground, with the extended version getting a more positive reception than the theatrical cut.

Suicide Squad didn’t quite have the same luck. Much like BvS, the villain-centric film was criticized for being messy and having odd tonal shifts throughout the film. These views were strengthened when reports came out about multiple cuts being tested, one by director David Ayer and one by the trailer company hired to market the film. The extended cut for the film didn’t change many people’s perceptions, with the scenes mostly adding more Joker to the film, as opposed the BvS ultimate edition that re-edited the film a bit.

That said, it’s looking like Wonder Woman won’t have the same problems. Early response to the film has been overwhelmingly positive on social media.

The full reviews will be released a couple of days before the movie’s release so fans can get a good idea of what awaits them in a film 75 years in the making.

Wonder Woman releases June 2, 2017.

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