Tips And Tricks For ‘Magikarp Jump’: Here’s How To Train The Useless Pokémon Into A Champion Jumper

The internet is now ablaze with excited gamers as they try to train Magikarps into a champion jumper in the newest mobile title of the Pokémon franchise, Magikarp Jump.

Magikarp Jump does not offer gameplay as deep as still-popular Pokémon GO, nor does it come with intense difficulty that made Flappy Bird a phenomenon. The new mobile game for the iOS and Android, however, offers addictive gameplay centered on forging a bond between trainers and Magikarps, which is what the Pokémon franchise is all about.

‘Magikarp Jump’ Basics

In Magikarp Jump, players catch Magikarp and train them to become the champion jumper of Hoppy Town, which is obsessed with making the otherwise useless Pokémon jump as high as they can.

Players will need to feed their Magikarp by placing it in a pool and tapping on the floating food and then train them in one of the various activities that can be unlocked as players progress in the game. All the training modes, similar to feeding the Magikarp, will require players to tap on the screen.

After feeding and training Magikarp, players can participate in league battles. There is nothing that players can do once a match starts, with the height of their Magikarp’s jump dependent on how well they have trained it.

For a Magikarp to become a champion jumper, it will need to win in eight leagues that increase in size and difficulty.

‘Magikarp Jump’ Tips And Tricks

To train a champion Magikarp, players will first need to build up the Pokémon’s JP or jump power. This can be achieved by feeding it or training it. When feeding a Magikarp, the screen can be swiped to show more food. Training, meanwhile uses training points, and it is best to maximize them by using the points right away as soon as they regenerate.

Magikarp Jump players will also need to understand the importance of coins, diamonds, and support candies. Coins, which can be acquired by participating in league battles and can be used for food and training, are the easiest to obtain. Diamonds, meanwhile, are mostly acquired through microtransactions, but they unlock very helpful specialty items. Lastly, support candies, which are acquired by winning leagues, can be used to increase the rank of support Pokémon.

It is highly recommended that players upgrade Sandbag Slam immediately. It only takes 17 coins to increase the JP gained from the exercise from 35 to 115, which makes training much more potent early on.

Support Pokémon are other Pokémon making cameos in Magikarp Jump, and they boost the Magikarps of players through different ways. Support Pokémon are invited using friendship items that can be purchased for diamonds or won in leagues, though the first one, which calls Pikachu, is given to players for free. Players should use the skills of Support Pokémon they have as often as they can.

Players should also not understate the importance of decorations, as they can also grant various bonuses to their Magikarp such as speeding up the growth of JP and increasing the amount of food that appears in feeding sessions. Decorations can be acquired by winning leagues and purchasing them in the in-game shop using diamonds and can provide the bonuses even if the player does not put them in their house.

Magikarp Jump players, however, should not become too attached to their Magikarps. This is because there are a variety of situations when the Magikarp that they are training could get swept away by a Pidgeotto or taken out by a Voltorb. When that happens, there is nothing else to do but to catch another Magikarp to continue playing.

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