A Game Within A Game: ‘Wynncraft’ Is An MMORPG Inside ‘Minecraft’

Games often contain minigames stacked underneath the thread of their respective main narratives, often subplots at best that allow the player to take a breather from the main action.

In Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, these are side quests one can take to break away from the running current of dread from having to face Ganon. The game-within-a-game format works best in open world games, since there’s practically no limit to what one can do. Minecraft is no different, and there’s one in particular that could easily blow everyone’s socks off: Wynncraft.

Wynncraft: A Giant MMORPG Inside Minecraft

Wynncraft is a mesmerizing fantasy MMORPG inside Minecraft; players can immerse themselves in it via a Minecraft server. It’s nuts, in a word. It’s a full-fledged MMORPG, complete with quests to leveling to guilds to bosses — the whole nine yards. It takes place in an enormous map, too, almost 4,000 x 5,500 blocks in size.

The team behind Wynncraft has been working on the project for four years now, and the results are outstanding. The map alone feels deftly fleshed out, and anyone who loves a good MMORPG might find themselves wandering its massive scale at a moment’s notice.

Wynncraft Is Free

In Wynncraft, players start their journey in the Wynn province and from there they’ll get to wander around one of the biggest and most detailed custom maps ever created in Minecraft.

As with any MMORPG, players can enlist friends to help them gain experience, with the goal of becoming the strongest warrior across Wynncraft‘s four provinces.

Wynncraft is not only a finely crafted MMORPG, but it’s also a stunning example of what can be created using Minecraft‘s own sandbox engine. Because of Minecraft‘s focus on players’ creativity and limitless imagination, it’s become its own art form over the years, cementing the notion that video games can also be art. Wynncraft is just one example of that.

The best part? Wynncraft is entirely free to play assuming you have a legitimate copy of Minecraft. While profits are undisclosed, the team makes enough money to bankroll the servers through sales of in-game items.

Other ‘Minecraft’ News

Speaking of Minecraft, Microsoft last month announced a standalone Marketplace where Minecraft players can purchase maps, skins, texture packs, minigames, and so on. Items are bought using Minecraft coins, which players can purchase with real-world currency.

If you love Minecraft and MMORPGs, why not get the best of both worlds and try Wynncraft? Get an initial feel for the map, if you will, and bask in the game’s complex world-building. Wynncraft has over 100 unique quests, which can teach players about the lore embedded within its worlds. There are 1 million unique players, according to Wynncraft, in addition to mobs and bosses to combat.

Those who want to try Wynncraft should take note of server details on the game’s site.

Thoughts about Wynncraft? Have you played it before? Feel free to share your thoughts about the MMORPG by sounding off in the comments section below!

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