Next ‘Hearthstone’ Update Will Make It Really Easy To Share Your Deck Lists

Hearthstone players will soon find it much easier to share their deck lists for the popular digital trading card game through an upcoming update.

Blizzard announced the update through a blog post, which also revealed that there will be an additional way for players to complete their quests.

‘Hearthstone’ Deck List Sharing

Hearthstone players who want to share their deck list currently use third-party apps or websites or simply take a screenshot of their list that they then send to their friends. This is because there is currently no way inside the game to share deck lists.

This will change with the next update for Hearthstone. Once it is rolled out, players will see a Copy button appear whenever they press the Hero portrait while viewing a deck list in their collection. Tapping on the button will copy the deck list to the clipboard, and users can then paste the list into a text document or elsewhere.

The copied list does not only include the cards in the user’s deck, though. The list also comes with the deck’s name, its class, and its format. In addition, and perhaps the most useful thing about the copied deck lists, is that they will come with a unique code.

Whenever a player chooses to create a new deck, the game will detect if a Hearthstone deck code is stored in the clipboard. The game will ask players if they want to create the deck using the copied code, and the deck will be built without any hassle if players choose to do so. Building decks this way can also be used in Tavern Brawl modes, which require players to create their own decks.

For players who try to import deck codes but have some of the cards missing from their collection, Hearthstone will treat it like a deck recipe. Players can tap on the cards that they do not own from the copied deck to receive suggestions on replacements.

In addition to sharing deck lists with friends, the feature can also be used by players who could not fit all their decks in the 18 slots available in Hearthstone. Players can store the codes of their decks in a document and load them up easily into the game whenever they want to use them. The copied deck lists are also much easier to share on social media.

Friendly Challenge Quest Completion

In addition to the easier method of sharing deck lists, the next update will also start allowing players to complete quests when they issue a Friendly Challenger to other players on their Friends list.

The move was made due to the positive player feedback in last year’s Friendly Feud mode, which allowed players to complete quests when playing with friends. The feature is now made permanent, though it will not work for a handful of quests such as playing with the Innkeeper and spectating a match.

When Will The Next ‘Hearthstone’ Update Arrive?

Players who are excited for these changes to arrive may have to wait a while. Blizzard did not reveal a specific date for the update, saying only that it will be coming in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, players can continue to enjoy the diverse metagame brought about by Hearthstone‘s latest expansion, Journey to Un’Goro.

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