Conservationists Need Your Help In Naming Rare Albino Orangutan

The non-profit NGO Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation or BOS rescued a five-year old albino orangutan from villagers on the Borneo island. The villagers captured the orangutan which conservationists believe became separated from its mother in the forest.

The foundation has taken full responsibility of the animal with round-the-clock veterinary support to rehabilitate the creature. However, conservationists are looking for a name for the rare orangutan, which is the only albino member of its species that the BOS has rescued in its 25 years.

Rescue and Rehabilitation

According to reports, people from the Kalimantan Province of the island captured the blue-eyed orangutan when it strayed out of the forest. Some of the villagers called local authorities, who contacted the BOS regarding the albino orangutan.

Conservationists believe that the orangutan managed to survive the forests’ harsh conditions because of her protective mother. However, after the baby orangutan lost contact with her mother, survival became tougher for the young animal.

Currently, the female albino orangutan is being kept in a dimly lit environment as she is highly susceptible to dangers from sunlight. This is because of the absence of pigmentation in her body.

“We are still re-observing the condition of her skin and eyes. Overall she has been showing good progress over the last 10 days,” veterinarian Arga Sawung Kusuma said.

The creature gained 9.9 pounds since her rescue and the orangutan’s diet comprises sugarcane juice, an assortment of fruits, and milk. Her appetite also improved over time and doctors believe she will be able to reach ideal body weight soon.

However, conservationists claim that the orangutan is still physically and mentally fragile after surviving separation from her mother, as well as her capture. However, the conservationists think she has a long way to go before she will completely recover from the trauma. It is also unclear whether the albino orangutan would be released into the wild.

Campaign To Find The Albino Orangutan A Name

The people at the foundation said that her unique survival story makes the albino orangutan the ambassador for all her endangered kind.

The Bornean orangutans were classified as an endangered species in 2016 and current estimates indicate that roughly100,000 are left on the island. This is a significant fall since the number was 288,500 in 1973. According to the International Union for Conservation in Nature, their population will likely further decrease to roughly 47,000 in the next eight years.

This is why conservationists are seeking a name from the public, which would signify the immense struggle that these orangutan’s face to survive.

People can send in their name suggestion at or by using the hashtag #albinoorangutan on social media sites. The winning name would be declared on May 15.

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