Samsung Gets Green Light To Test Self-Driving Cars

Autonomous car technology is a rage these days and tech companies from all over the world are vying with each other to perfect their own self-driving vehicles. Earlier in April, Apple was seen testing its autonomous technology on the streets of California.

A new report has emerged and revealed that Apple’s arch rival Samsung received formal authorization in its home country South Korea to test its own autonomous technology for self-driving cars.

Samsung Gets Green Light To Test Self-Driving Tech

According to The Korea Herald, South Korean Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport authorized the company to test out its self-driving technology on the public streets in South Korea.

“Samsung’s self-driving automobile is a commercialized Hyundai vehicle equipped with the latest cameras and sensors,” the publication shared.

The South Korean ministry also eased certain laws that made it compulsory to have two passengers in such self-driving cars. The new rule will allow the autonomous cars to operate on the roads even with one passenger aboard the vehicle. This move from the government looks to boost the growth of autonomous technology in the country, which could lead to the manufacture of cars without steering wheels and paddles.

Samsung’s Self-Driving Technology Efforts

Back in 2015, the company announced that it will devote a full team of employees who would work to create the autonomous technology. However, Samsung maintained that while it was looking to create technology which would allow self-driving capability, it was not looking to manufacture its own vehicle.

In November 2016, Samsung acquired Harman for $8 billion. Harman is known to create software and components for connected cars. Similarly, the company also invested in TetraVue in February this year. TetraVue is currently developing technology that can identify obstacles in front of vehicles.

In January this year, Samsung and Harman collaboratively stated that they were working together to perfect autonomous technology. Upon completion, this would be sold to car makers so that they can house the same in their vehicles.

“The car has become the next big ‘mobile device’, where the tech industry now sees … opportunities,” Robin Zhu, who is an analyst with Bernstein and based in Hong Kong, remarked.

Other Companies Working On Similar Technology

The Californian DMV has cleared and authorized 30 different companies to test out their self-driving technologies on the streets of the state. These companies include Uber, Waymo, Mercedes-Benz, and Tesla to name a few.

Although Samsung will be initially testing its self-driving technology in South Korea, a possibility exists that the company may apply for testing autonomous vehicles in the United States in the near term.

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