‘Gears Of War 4’ Update Brings New Maps And Multi GPU Support


Gears of War 4 enthusiasts will have a spectacular month ahead in May as Microsoft announced a slew of updates, which is expected to bring new content and optimization features.

On Monday, May 1, the developer announced that it would provide Gears of War 4 gamers with a new update on May 2, which would include new maps and add the long-awaited SLI support for Windows 10 players.

Multiple GPU Support

Gears of War 4 released in October 2016 and since then, PC gamers have been demanding that Microsoft add multiple GPU support for the title. The developer has finally given in to the demands and will introduce the multiple GPU support for PC players.

Multiple GPU or SLI support essentially refers to the use of two graphics cards simultaneously. Many PC gamers use the double GPU setup to achieve a better display and framerate at the same time. Gears of War 4 on PC, however, did not support SLI till now and players with two GPUs were stuck using just one setup while playing.

Microsoft revealed in the Gears of War 4 forum that with the added SLI capability, players with multiple GPU setup would be able to increase rendering performance by up to 80 percent.

However, Microsoft recommends gamers update their Windows 10 to the Creator’s Update. The Creator’s Update supposedly contains fixes for DirectX 12 that will improve SLI performance. The developers also urged multiple GPU users to update their graphics driver to the latest version to avoid any issues.

Addition Of New Maps

The May update will also offer players two brand new maps for Gears of War 4. One of the maps — dubbed Dawn — has been created by The Coalition, while the other map named Security is a throwback to a similar map from Gears of War 2.

The Dawn map features an abandoned Outsider village, which houses a mining colony. The map will present players with verticality, including high spaces of the bar and the lower levels of the mine.

“This map combines tight corridors of combat with open spaces — learn to use the right weapon for the right situations on this map and you’ll truly become a master of Dawn,” Microsoft revealed.

The Security map is one of the fan favorites from Gears of War 2 and Microsoft reportedly had to work hard to recreate this map to match it to today’s graphical standards.

Apart from the new maps and the support for the SLI in PC, the May update will also give players the opportunity to bring Benjamin Carmine back from the dead as a zombie. They would be able to do so via one of the May Gear Packs.

The update will arrive for both Xbox One and PC players of Gears of War 4 on Tuesday, May 2.

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